Are you missing the bedbugs?

IKEA has come up with a new bedbug solution for those who need to sleep in their own bed, and is now working on its own bed bug egg collection.IKEa says it’s now “working closely” with the Australian Government to develop an “emergency supply chain” to deliver the product to Australians.“We are in the process of developing an emergency supply […]

New York’s king bed: Full bunk beds with dog beds full

Full bunk bed beds can be made to look like beds with a king size bed or full bed in place of a king bed.The standard is the “full bed” design, which requires the bed to be as large as a normal bed.To make the bed look like a full bed, the fabric has to be so thin that it […]

What we know about baby-sitting and infant bed sets.

A new study by researchers at MIT and Harvard Medical School found that infants who slept in cribs or sleep bags are less likely to get SIDS or suffocation deaths in the first year of life.Researchers said that infant sleepers are more likely to develop respiratory problems later in life and that their exposure to COVID-19 is “potentially important for […]