How to make a queen bed frame

By now, you’re probably wondering what queen beds are, and what they can do.I can answer you this way: they can make a bed frame.A queen bed can make anything a queen can, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make some pretty awesome furniture.The best queen beds can do more than just make a beautiful bed, either.Here are some of […]

How to stop the mattress bug: What to look for in a mattress

It’s been a long and tedious battle to get mattress companies to accept our mattresses.They’re hard to come by, hard to ship and hard to find in stores, so they’re basically a no-go.Mattress makers have tried many different approaches to getting rid of bed bugs.They’ve tested bed bugs out on the floor, using bed bugs in laboratory tests.They tested bed […]

Why does Macys bed-ding cost £20?

If you need a little bit of inspiration on how to make your own bedding, this handy guide will help.This article originally appeared in The Telegraph, an Australian print publication.It has been republished here with permission.

How to remove a bed spider bite

A bed spider has been identified as the cause of a number of spider bites in New Zealand.The Bed Spider, Bed Bug and Bed Spider bites in 2018 were reported in Auckland, Waikato, Canterbury and the Otago region.More than 1,300 people were bitten by bed bugs in 2018, according to New Zealand Health.The new information comes as New Zealand grapples […]