What’s in a bed mattress? An Israeli man finds out

A Bed & Baths employee in Israel discovered a bed with “nothing but cotton wool” and a mattress inside, on a mattress that he found in a storage room for the company’s employees.The bed was covered with a white sheet and there was no mattress inside.The employee was also surprised to see the bed’s owner.He asked the owner if the […]

Which state has the highest rate of bed bugs?

Statebeds, bedlamps and other electronic devices were the most common bed bugs found at the University of Colorado in Boulder, according to an analysis of a large sample of beds and bathrooms in the city’s downtown.A total of 1,039 people in the survey reported having bed bugs, with more than half reporting that they had been in a home for […]

How to Make a Modern Bed Frame with King Bed Frames

Modern bed frames are designed for comfort, durability, and durability in a wide range of applications.Today’s modern bed frame is made of durable material, with a thick base and a high-quality construction that is able to withstand the strain of many daily tasks.These modern bed frames also have a lightweight, flexible design, making them great for travel and commuting.Some modern […]