How to Make Your Bed: How to Fit a Bed in a Bed & Chair

With a mattress and a chair in tow, the next time you’re in a cramped living room, take a moment to remember that you’re also sharing the floor with other people.Bed is a necessity, even for those who prefer a slightly more laid-back, air-con-free living space.The same can be said of a bed or a chair, but in an even […]

What is the most important bed in your RV?

We’re excited to be bringing back the bed clipart series!This time, we’re looking at the top five most important items you need to have in your bed.┬áThe series will be focusing on the most basic items in your room.We’ve included bed covers, pillow covers, mattresses, pillows, pill cases, and a couple bedside table covers.These are the essentials in a home, […]