What to know about twin bunk beds and baby beds, and the new baby bed frames

In the early 1990s, baby beds were becoming increasingly popular.They were more versatile and easy to store.And they were cheap to make.But the industry didn’t always know it.When the first twin bed was released, a new problem arose: It wasn’t just a baby bed, but also a child bed.In 1992, a single mom named Lisa Davenport decided to build a […]

Why Casper bedmaker Casper Bed is hiring again

In an era of ever-shrinking bedrooms and ever-smaller living spaces, mattress makers have long looked for ways to stay competitive.But for Casper, one of the biggest names in the mattress market, the answer is a new generation of beds that can accommodate more people and deliver more warmth.The company said Monday that it is hiring a new CEO and will […]